A Benin Bronze Head, in all likelihood closely related to the well-known equestrian statues, which have given the attempt to much speculation about their historical background.

"There are numerous attempts at interpretation of the more than half a dozen known equestrian statues and a plate that shows such a figure." Barbara Plankensteiner, Kings and Rituals, p. 449.

According of these interpretations that would be after the equestrian figures and the plate with such a representation this head is probably a third example of this context.

This object can be visited during the auction in the Gallery Wolfgang Jaenicke. It will not be sent and can only be picked up. After the end of the auction, the highest bidder can have the object for further analysis by its own account without significantly affecting the object in its substance. For this analysis, the winner of the auction has a period of 14 days. The object is from an old African Collection. Restitution organizations and individuals who are intensively concerned with restitution issues were informed about the object. See also Cultural Property Protection Law (Kultur Gut Schutz Gesetz - KGSG).

TL-Anaysis 350 years +/- 20 percent

3.200 - 3.800 Euro


A small guided tour of Ife and Benin bronzes

Height: 42 cm
Weight 2,8 kg

photo: tribalartforum.com/ identification no.