A Guro, "Gu" mask, Ivory Coast, of the workshop of the master of Bouaflé. A delicate face, the lower lip slightly v-shaped, the nose reminiscent of a triangle, narrow almost closed eyes pierced through, strong eyebrows, high hairline, an attachment on top of the head on which a bird is sitting; remains of Camwood, beautiful patina due to frequent ritual use. Provenance Amadou Bouaflé, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Early to mid 20th century.

In the culture of the Guro, a distinction is made when wearing masks as to whether there is a connection with the cult or whether the connection is more in the context of secular festivities. Three sacred masks are associated with Zamble. He is a mythical male being who has both leopard and antelope features. Zamble has a beautiful wife named Gu and a fierce brother named Zuali. These masks have a rather canonical form. In contrast, other types of Guro masks, which are only for entertainment, are designed by the respective wearers. Called "Gu" in the vernacular, this mask represents a woman known for her beauty. It was worn by a man and was supposed to bring good luck to the family that invoked the mask. The dancer then mimed the feminine grace.

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Height: 42 cm
Weight: 780 g




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