Baule Mblo dance mask, Ivory Coast, of a hollow-oval form with a sculptured coiffure consisting of several forms with ornaments and including a comb-like object, narrow nose with prominent nostrils, sickle-shaped pierced eyes, crowned by arching eyebrows, half-spherical ears with inset triangle, ornamental scars on forehead, temples, cheeks, above the bridge of the nose, a terminal zigzag band along the lower rim pierced for attachment; brown surface, remains of encrusted patina, signs of age and use.

This excellently carved classical mask of the Baule people belongs to a special group known as portrait masks, reminiscent of the artistry of Baule artists from the past. These portrait masks are said to represent an honoured person of the village or a personal ancestor celebrated at a ceremonial dance, the mblo.

600 - 700,- Euro

Height: 47 cm
Weight: 2,8 kg (incl. stand)

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