A female Yoruba figure kneeling on an elliptical base, holding a sacrificial bowl in both hands in front of her and carrying four children. One on her back and one on each of her forearms. In addition, two small figures each support her forearms. These bowl-bearing figures are called "Olumeye figures". The entire group of figures of these "bowl-bearers" was carved from a single piece of wood. The high hairstyle consisting of stylised plaits, the large bowl in the shape of a chicken and in general the upper body of the tall woman is decorated...including kaolin, as well as some age-related cracks on the neck and a damage on the right ear.

Among the Yoruba, these figural compositions were placed in the shrines of the important god Shango (the thunder god) or his wife, the goddess Oya. They are considered symbols of the so-called worshippers or priestesses who make offerings to these gods. Visitors to the shrines can place offerings in the bowls.
At the same time, these bowls are also used daily in the homes of wealthy families to offer kola nuts and other delicacies to guests.


Height: 77 cm
Weight: 7,3 kg

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